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Features: Publish your events in seconds, Custom Editor to create and publish events, import/export events for your team, Prepopulated events, Fake data, Save events for future in collections, navigate and explore sources and events, and more...

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Save development time with EventBridge

EventBridge Canon gives you tools to help you develop and test your EventBridge events and allows you to share your setup with your team members for ease of use.

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how it works

How it Works

  1. 1. Clone Project and Setup

    Check the documentation for how to get started

  2. 2. Populate your local db

    EventBridge Canon uses LowDB to store your data. Running the populate scripts will get you started within seconds.

  3. 3. Create Events

    Navigate your sources and schemas and start creating events. Use the Custom Editor to create your event and publish events!

  4. 4. That's it...

    EventBridge Canon is designed to save you time. Read more to get started.

Start publishing your events now...

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